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Our 25 metre heated pool is maintained diligently and is kept to government standards and guidelines. Our huge glass windows allow you to enjoy the manicured garden while doing lap swimming or taking one of the many Aqua Aerobics classes, aqua spin bike classes or ubound classes.  Our spin bikes are great for those needing rehab treatments post surgeries such as hip abs knee replacements.

Peak fitness is also work safe qualified offering memberships and programs to help with patrons recovery and progress.



An underwater spin bike workout is a great low-impact exercise that anyone can do with the right equipment, an AquaBike. It’s very different than land biking, which uses levers and gears to control speed and resistance. An aqua bike utilises paddles and water resistance to give you a high intensity but low impact workout.

Higher calorie burn

Underwater cycling can also help you burn up to 800 cal in an hour. It is an excellent workout for those who are aiming to lose weight.

Tones major muscle groups

This whole-body workout targets all of the major muscle groups. Aqua spinning can help tone your core muscles, back, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and lower leg muscles.

Kind on the joints and muscles 

If you are experiencing sore muscles, usually after working out, you will feel safer if you spin underwater. Also, the water’s buoyancy will support your body weight; it puts less pressure on your joints and muscles as you enjoy an intense workout.

It is a useful rehabilitative exercise

Underwater spin bike workouts serve as a rehabilitative exercise program because it puts less strain on the joints, muscles, and the bones with the help of the water’s buoyancy. Aqua spin exercise programs are also suitable for individuals who are recovering from injury or with limited mobility.

It is also beneficial to the elderly, pregnant women, or individuals with muscular, joint, or weight issues. Spin bike workouts can also be a good exercise for osteoporosis.

Great for recovery 

Our fast lane pool is great after finishing a major game, marathon, or intense land-based workout, underwater cycling will be able to help you recover better and faster as well as work out without stress. In addition, you can reap the benefits of pedalling in water more frequently with less impact on the body. Exercising generally improves sleep quality, eliminates tension, and reduces stress. Spinning underwater can provide you that benefit!

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